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• The Medical Complex Of The Armed Forces In Kobry El Kobba dates back to the era of Muhammad Ali Pasha, who established the military hospital between the city of Khanka and Abu Zaabal in 1825 AD .In 1837, it moved to Qasr al-Aini. It was then gradually moved to its location in the reign of Khedive Tawfiq Pasha in 1892 AD. Some modernization work took place in the eighties and nineties of the last century, and with the beginning of the third millennium many specialized hospitals, therapeutic departments and administrative aspects were established and developed in four phases. The fourth phase ended with the establishment of eight hospitals (Heart, Internal Medicine, Kidney, Emergency, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Respiratory system, Teeth) as well as four specialized units (Audiovisual, Hyper baric, Laboratory, Radiology) in addition to outpatient clinics. Our Armed Forces continue their efforts to modernize the medical system in the belief that the best health care for both the military and civilians is essential. And so on the Medical Complex of the Armed Forces of Kobry El Kobba became an integrated medical city serving more than a million military and civilian attendees annually.

Major General Doctor Sayed Abdul Halim

Commandant of Kobry El Kobba Medical Complex

The Medical Complex At Kobry El Kobba Bridge , one of the medical facilities of the armed forces, is honored to provide medical service to military and civilian patients in accordance with the latest standards of health care, using the latest diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical technologies, under the supervision of a distinguished group of specialized doctors and consultants in all general and sub-medical specialties, achieving the highest accuracy, safety for patients with the latest methods of management. Aims to provide outstanding health care that receives the satisfaction and confidence of the Patients (military, civilian) Our slogan is always health care (Honesty/Respect/Responsibility).



Hyperbaric Oxygen Unit


Stroke Unit